Entertaining Talks

I strive to make each and every talk and lecture entertaining and understandable – to communicate my passion
        for Einstein and the wonders of the universe in simple, everyday language. No prior physics training is required.

                                                                                                                                                 Ira Mark Egdall 

Albert Einstein - his ideas and inspirations brought to life.

Ideal for keynote addresses and business/technical meetings



    Einstein’s “Seven Keys to Free your Thinking”:

     - Recognize and let go of assumptions.
               - Find and use your passion.
               - Think bold.
               - Be persistent.
               - Imagine the big picture
               - Think independently and avoid group think.
               - Be both imaginative and rational!

    Learn Einstein’s secrets of success and discover the innovator and leader in you.

Time Travel Paradox - my Mother is younger than I am.



   My dear sister asked me to do a lecture for her local chapter of the Brandeis National Committee on "something from Einstein
             -- oh, and make it funny." Here's what I came up with:

   Mama Kvetch can’t take it anymore. Her live-in grown children are always complaining -- it’s too hot, I want to go to the
             mountains -- it’s too cold, I want to go to Florida. She just has to get out of the house. So she volunteers for a high speed
             rocket trip to a distant star. But Einstein says that time slows down with motion. Does this mean that Mama on the rocket
             ages more slowly than her children on earth? Come to our lecture to find out.                                         

Mark with his Einstein wig and his sister with
her Harpo wig. Do you think they are related?


The Big Bang - the birth of the universe in the ultimate cosmic event.



 At the heart of modern cosmology is perhaps humanity’s greatest intellectual achievement – the big bang theory. It is
           the first scientific story on the creation and evolution of the universe. Come trace our universe from the Big Bang (time zero)
           to the present day. See the compelling evidence for the big bang. Learn about dark matter and dark energy, and what they tell us
           about the fate of the universe.


Black Holes - mysteries objects which trap light and stop time.

           Our universe is a lot stranger than any of us ever imagined. Do stars collapse to a point of infinite density?  Discover how super-
           dense neutron stars and spectacular supernovas are formed. Are black holes wormholes to another universe? What happens if you
           fall into a black hole? Take a virtual trip to a black hole at the center of our galaxy to find out.

The Higgs Discovery - what physicists found and what they didn't.


          Called the greatest scientific discovery in the 21st century to date, two teams at CERN’s Large Hadron Collider confirm a new
          subatomic particle has been found. Is it the elusive Higgs boson which gives other particles their mass? Or does it suggest mind-
          boggling physics?


  Parallel Universes and Strings - the latest theories and speculations.



The brave new world of inflation theory says the universe began with the exponential expansion of space. Did this cosmic event
          create other universes in the process? Are they predicted by eleven-dimensional string theory? New thinking in physics suggests
          the possibility of a world of worlds beyond our wildest imagination: the multiverse.

And more ...........