Who is Mark Egdall?

     He is a:
            Teacher - A former aerospace engineer and program manager, Mark
           teaches courses in modern physics at Lifelong Learning Institutes at
           the University of Miami, Florida International University, and Nova
           Southeastern University. Students rave about Mark's ability to make
           science concepts understandable. Many say they wish they had him
           for their physics teacher in school.

           Speaker -Mark gives talks on the wonders of the universe to the general                   public (often dressed as "Grandpa Albert".) Told with humor, enthusiasm,
           and rare clarity, his engaging talks take us all - regardless of our scientific
           background - on a mind-boggling journey through our strange and
           wondrous cosmos.
          Writer - Mark's new ebook, Unsung Heroes of the Universe. is now
          available on Smashwords.com and Amazon.com. Mark is also a physical
          science writer for DecodedScience.com, a website providing the latest
          science news and information for the non- expert without "watering it
          down." In addition, he is writing a book on special and general relativity
          for those who always wanted to understand Einstein's ideas but never
          thought they could. His book will be published in Feb. 2014.

          • When not thinking about physics, Mark spends his time driving his
            wife of 45 years crazy and playing with his grandchildren.














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